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Looking for a student intern?

With intense competition and changing technology, a global outlook is essential for industries prepared to help develop the skills of an international pool of student talent.

IAESTE Australia can help local businesses and universities source highly skilled and motivated students for technical training for up to 12 months. Candidates are available from over 80 countries in a wide range of disciplines with majority from technical backgrounds including engineering, science, IT as well as architecture and agriculture.

IAESTE Australia can also assist in organising work visas for up to 12 months on behalf of employers who source an overseas student themselves. This is called a Reserved Offer.

Why employ an IAESTE student?

  • IAESTE students are highly motivated and resourceful
  • They are ideal for short-term projects
  • You can specify any requirements and have a tailor made trainee
  • They bring new ideas and cultural awareness to the workplace
  • They can help develop new business opportunities overseas
  • By employing an overseas student you are enabling an Australian-based student to work internationally and reinvest their experience into the Australian economy
  • You can use the skills of undergraduates and recent graduates from over 80 countries worldwide

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