Reserved Offers

Already selected an international student from overseas for training but don’t know how to bring them to Australia?

IAESTE Australia can assist in organising suitable work visas for up to 12 months on behalf of employers who source an overseas student themselves. This is called a Reserved Offer.

The terms and conditions of employment will already have been agreed between the employer and the student prior to contacting IAESTE.

How do I make a Reserved Offer?

To make a Reserved Offer the employer is requested to complete a reserved offer of training form and return it to IAESTE Australia. The student must also contact their national IAESTE office to register with the program. Some countries will require a registration fee. Contact details for IAESTE member countries can be found at

Once the student’s sending country has confirmed registration IAESTE Australia is able to facilitate the visa process. The IAESTE program has been approved by DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) to allow short-term job placements of students for periods of up to 12 months.

Depending on which country the student is from, the visa process may take between 1-3 months. We can advise further once we know the student’s origin.

All IAESTE trainees are also included in our social program run by local students.

For more information and for forms, please contact