How to apply

You can either apply for a Traditional internship, beginning around May or June of the following year, which is tailored to your skills, interests, preferred countries, and so on, or you can apply for a Pop Up internship that you’ve seen on our database and that you are suitable for. See below for instructions.

Generally, when you apply for a Traditional internship, you should expect to skip at least one semester in order to complete the internship (usually the second semester of the year). If you are set on starting your internship early in the year or doing an internship over the Australian summer months, then you should do a Pop Up internship.

If you already have an internship secured at a company overseas and would like to use IAESTE to organise visas, then you can do your internship through us as a Reserved Offer. The exact process and paperwork varies from country to country, so contact our Outgoing Coordinator for further details related to your situation.

I recommend signing up to our mailing list – you’ll receive our newsletter every three months and notifications about Pop Up offers relevant to your degree as they arise!

Traditional 2017 Internship

Step 1: Complete the online application: Traditional Form (Applications open in September. Until then, keep up to date with our mailing list)
Step 2: Pay the Application Fee

Deadline: 12th December 2016
Outcome: 15th December 2016.

If you are successful, then:
Step 3: Receive list of internships in early February.
Step 4: Submit internship preferences.
Step 5: Nominated for an internship in early March.
Step 6: Complete Application Package.
Step 7: Employer reviews your application, decides whether to interview you, and whether to hire you.

$60 Application Fee due when you apply
$400 Administration Fee, but only if you are offered your chosen internship, due once you start.

Pop Up Internship Opportunity

Step 1: Sign up to our mailing list for notifications about Pop Up Offers relevant to your degree, as they arise.
Step 2: Find an internship suitable to you.
Step 3: Complete this online application: Pop Up Form
Step 4: Receive confirmation of eligibility for internship from IAESTE Australia and Application Package.
Step 5: Employer reviews your application, decides whether to interview you, and whether to hire you.

Deadline: depends on each Pop Up internship

No Application Fee
$400 Administration Fee, but only if you are offered your chosen internship, due once you start

Reserved Offer

Step 1: Email our Outgoing Coordinator with the following details:
Your full name
The start and end date of your internship
The country where you will do your internship
The name of the company where you will do your internship
The name of a contact person at that company and their email address
Step 2: The process varies from country to country, so our Outgoing Coordinator will inform you of the next steps.

Deadline: depends on each Reserved Offer.
Fees: No fees charged by IAESTE Australia, however the IAESTE in the country where you will do your internship usually charges a fee to cover administration and visa costs.

Questions? See our FAQ below. Still got questions? Email our Outgoing Coordinator, Luke Noorda (Outgoing Coordinator, Luke Noorda).

Payment Method

Important: When you pay a fee, put your full name in the payment’s description box.

Please pay all fees to this bank account:

BSB: 033-289
Account Number: 303301
Account name: IAESTE Australia LTD

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for doing an internship through IAESTE Australia are:

  • You agree to accept the nomination, if accepted by the employer, to the internship position that you apply for.
  • You will not withdraw or cancel from your nomination, except through unforeseen difficulties or circumstances beyond your control.
  • You understand that you must make your own arrangements for travel and insurance coverage and that IAESTE cannot be held responsible for any accident that may occur.
  • You acknowledge that IAESTE Australia is a not for profit organisation run by student volunteers.
  • You accept that on return to Australia you will make contact with IAESTE Australia in order to contribute back to the organisation in some way, depending on your personal circumstances and what they can allow.


Q: I’m not an Australian citizen. Am I eligible?
A: Yes, you are! The only requirement is that you be studying at an Australian university (i.e. not on exchange here).

Q: I thought the Application Fee was refundable, am I wrong?
A: The Application Fee used to be $150 and, if you were not successful, $100 was refunded. But as of August 2016, we have changed to a single non-refundable Application Fee of $60, which reduces the work load on IAESTE volunteers and does not cost you any extra than previously.

Q: I want to apply, but I not currently have a valid passport. What should I do?
A: Complete your application, as per the above instructions, including PDF 1 (except without the photocopy of your passport). Then, once your passport has arrived, send an updated PDF 1 with passport photocopy.

Q: I have already graduated. Am I eligible?
You are not ineligible for Traditional, Pop Up, or Reserved Offer internships. However, many countries’ visa laws restrict IAESTE’s ability to nominate graduate students’ for internship positions through IAESTE programs. We recommend that you apply for a Pop Up internship, as our Outgoing Officer can confirm that you are eligible for the internship and able to obtain the appropriate visa, before you pay any fees.