IAESTE Australia

Frequently asked questions

Q: I’m not an Australian citizen. Am I eligible?

A: Yes, you are! The only requirement is that you be studying at an Australian university (i.e. not on exchange here).

Q: I want to do an internship in Australia. Can you help me?

A: Here at IAESTE Australia we provide overseas internships to students studying at Australian universities. If you’d like to do an internship in Australia, get in touch with IAESTE in your home country and they’ll be sure to help you out!

Q: When do internships start?

A: Each IAESTE internship is different, and starting times depend on each employer’s needs. While most IAESTE internships begin around May/June, they often start before or after – as early as January or as late as December. While Pop Up offer commencement dates vary individually, when submitting a Traditional application you can enter any preferences you have and we will use these to seek suitable offers.

Q: I want to apply, but I do not currently have a valid passport. What should I do?

A: Complete your application, as per the above instructions, including PDF 1 (except without the photocopy of your passport). Then, once your passport has arrived, send an updated PDF 1 with passport photocopy.

Q: I have already graduated. Am I eligible?

A: You are not ineligible for Traditional, Pop Up, or Reserved Offer internships. However, many countries’ visa laws restrict IAESTE’s ability to nominate graduate students’ for internship positions through IAESTE programs. We recommend that you apply for a Pop Up internship, as our Outgoing Officer can confirm that you are eligible for the internship and able to obtain the appropriate visa, before you pay any fees.