IAESTE Australia

Student info

“I have been offered four different job opportunities in Sydney, all impressed with my German industrial experience . While staying in Germany I made so many new friends from different countries and am still in contact with all of them”.
Anahita Karpour
Trainee in Germany

What IAESTE offers

With IAESTE you can embark on a life-changing experience. You’ll gain invaluable experience relevant to your degree, get outside your comfort zone and make lifelong friendships.

Paid professional placements for students of all technical disciplines, including engineering, science, applied design, architecture, and IT

Over 80 participating member countries

Internships ranging from 6-52 weeks

A huge variety of employers, including universities, local government bodies, multinational companies, consultancies, and laboratories

Salaries to cover cost of living (including accommodation)

Step by step assistance before, during, and after the placement

Be greeted immediately by a Local Committee and fellow international interns

What are the benefits

Gain exposure to new cultures by living and travelling overseas

Develop your social and technical skills all at once

Gain an international resume builder!

Grow your global network of friends and coworkers

( … and get paid! )

What will it cost?

All internships cover living costs at an absolute minimum

Students are responsible for their own travel and insurance costs

IAESTE Australia charges a fee so we can keep running. Check out this link for our fee structure

There may be extra costs associated with visa applications, depending on the country


Most IAESTE internships require applicants who are enrolled at an Australian university at the time of application

IAESTE Applicants are required to be:

Students who are in their penultimate year of study (undergraduate) and/or postgraduate students are eligible

A minimum overall grade average of 65% or more is ideal

Want to get involved?

Across the world there are thousands of students involved in IAESTE Local Committees, playing a vital role in the the IAESTE community!
IAESTE Local Committees (LC) are student-run committees made up of past, current and future IAESTE trainees promoting the benefits of international exchange. We help welcome trainees, organise social activities, attend university and industry promotions, and create other marketing initiatives. Check out the IAESTE Australia Facebook page for a glimpse!