IAESTE Australia

Traditional Applications 2022-2023

Traditional applications are now open from the 5th October to the 8th of January. Don’t miss this chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity to work, get paid, and explore the world while making lifelong friends, all relevant to your degree!
 The Traditional internship application form consists of 8 main sections:
  1. Personal details
  2. Study details
  3. Internship preferences
  4. Language details
  5. Cover letter to IAESTE Australia
  6. Work experience
  7. Volunteer work experience
  8. Additional information
By completing this form you are applying for an internship OUTSIDE of Australia. You need to prepare a cover letter addressed to IAESTE Australia and your academic transcript before starting this application form. The following must be included in your cover letter:
  1. Your reason for wanting to do an IAESTE internship overseas
  2. Your motivation to work in your field of study, any experiences which have given you relevant knowledge or skills
  3. Why you will be the right student to represent IAESTE Australia in a foreign country
First year undergraduate students are not recommended to apply. Second year undergraduate students should be aware that it is unlikely that they will be successful unless they have previous experience or exceptional academic results.
Some countries require compulsory student status during the internship and/or application period, therefore, if you are not currently a student at an Australian University, you cannot apply.
Due to IAESTE internships being predominantly in the northern hemisphere, many will begin during the Australian winter and last between 6 weeks and 12 months. Successful applicants are likely required to defer university in order to undertake an IAESTE internship.